Monday, 19 March 2012

how to: rockets from pens and milk cartens

Ok so after quite alot of interest in my little rocket I decided that it would be best if I showed everyone how to make one...

so step one... get your pen. and cut it down to size
I will be using the top pen. the one thing you must do first is cut it down to size... notice that the top white pen has some tfin like things just behind the nib... Cut it there.
Step 2 preparing to add the fins
right now you have you pen done it is time to add the fins... To do this find an old (prefereble washed) milk carten one of the plastic ones. You couls use anyother b\plastic sheet as long as it is rigid... Now cut the pen. I used a knife that I had heated up with a lighter to cut through the hard plastic. cut one side and then carry one through the other side so that there is a strait line through both the holes. then do the same on the same at a right angle to the previous cut... 
step3 adding the fins
with the holes cut it is time to add the fins. simlpe cut 2 long bits of milk carten, try and get them wide enough to fit into the depth of the cuts but not over hanging so much that they look stupid. look at the image above if you want to know how wide to make them. next cut one of the plastic strips in half... now cut them to shape. look above for an idea of the shape. you can cut them any shape you want it is your rocket... Once you are pleased with the way it looks superglue the fins in.
step4 painting
now your rocket shold look something like this....but wait no it dosent it needs painting. Now I do not know much about rockets so I just did this humble colour scheme. but you can paint it any way you like.... But there is one tip for the tip... cover it in many layers of paint so that any remaining ink does not leak out and stain the colour.
And finished
I take no responsibility if you use this method to take over the world
so there you go I hope you can understand this little tutorial as it was very spure of the moment... have fun with you pens


  1. I think I have some of these pens at work, nice tutorial.....

  2. thanks... I hope this technology can help save Franonia from the evil Ray. he dosent follow this blog so he is no ally of me

  3. I can't imagine how you could have cut such small fins for that rocket!! ;)

    1. kitchen sisscors they cut really well. and they can cut quite fine

  4. Do you plan on using the other parts also? The large silver case would be an exciting addition, so would the pressurized smaller silver ink tube.

    1. yes I do plan to use the other parts... the pen still works so I will wait until it runs out before I use it. It is a nice pen