Friday, 21 September 2012

Lets enjoy the outside! Outdoor game Part1

Time for another game why I think, lets have an out doors one to celebrate spring! had this game earlier today and I really did enjoy it! Used some new Free rules that in retrospect I should have thought about the attrition rates that these rules create but still it was fun. A BIG SHOUT to Ben from Ben's soldiers who inspired me to do an outdoors game, it is great fun and apart from the extra time spent making sure that now man has been left behind after a game they are a nice way to game, and enjoy the sun :-)

Take down the bunker
The rebels have set up a post along one of Oronegro's country roads, the post is not heavily defended however there is problems with attacking it created by its position on the plain. The rebels have been attacking traffic taking supplies and cutting off supplies to the national forces in the mountains to the north, National forces must clear this road to allow resupply to their forces so that they can co-ordinate the fight back against rebels in the northern Oronegrean jungle
The main area of the battlefield is made up of a road, the bunker and tree trunks are used as cover, and of coarse the emplacement

the big problem is the emplacement here, made of planks of wood with dirt from digging out the bunker piled up behind, the bunker is in front

temporary of coarse, not for the rebels but I do mow the lawn and I don't want this around all the time

there is a trench across the road this provides the only way for the national forces to get close to the rebel base without being seen

my 1D 20, that's how you improvise dice ;-)
note the local fauna, giant ants the size of cats


and a house for good measure, a special someone has been staying there for some time
the rebels are made up of some native troops, numbering 19 strong and some regular soldiers numbering 12, including their commander! they also have access to some big guns.

the rebels have set up around their base, they heard from scouts that there is a build up of forces but they are unaware what is about to come! the Native troops number 19; 2 LMG's, 3 SMG's and 14 Riflemen. there are 10 standard troops with assault rifles, one LMG and one commander

hearing the Action James.ep3 wakes from a his siesta, he got into the house a few nights back and has waited for an opportunity to fight back, not the calls of Rebels to prepare has got his full attention.

the scouts team returns they saw the National forces getting ready but they were not prepared for what they are about to run into.
the National forces run through the trench, the compose of One Squad (20), 3 LMG support troops and 2 medics but also an NCO!

my figs are really dirty after this game, and one of the repainted figs needs his base repainted when the paint chipped :-(
SO LET THE GAME BEGIN... in the next post!
hello to my latest follower! Erhan Atalay From Turkey, he has a blog called miniafv I am glad your here, hope you enjoy this game!


  1. Excelent Gowan! Nothing beats outdoor terrain except for Thanos's and Piers's projects! The figures and all are looking very nice in the sunlight, cool scenario as well. James was a pleasent surprise, he's one of my favorite of your figures. I look for ward to the next part!
    oh and Erhan is of miniafv, a great site.

    1. thanks for the site, post edited! yes I agree Thanos and piers have great terrain as does Michigentile look up Michigentile's MicroWorld. it is all dioramas but still increadible. it makes me want to add a renessance style old district to Oronegro, oh I did already to La Ley.

      Part 2 is coming up

  2. Looks great fun. With outside games using terrain I used to get fireworks..the bangers, and bury them in soft earth with the fuse sticking out...put some troops around it or a AFV ontop and light the fuse.....real explosions!!

    1. its unfortunate that in New Zealand fireworks are only availible at november (for that special event which I cannot spell right). could use that fireworks setting on the camera get some real quick precise photos of the explosions :-)

  3. Nice stuff.

    I have fond memories of back-yard gaming from when I was a kid and the people who now live in that house probably still dig up every now and again a plastic figure that went AWOL in the dirt back then when they're gardening.

    1. well I have moved house since my first model adventures outside, I think I brought them all back but if not knowing where I played... if Plastic models do not biodegrade then some archiologist in the future may find them :-)