Tuesday, 18 September 2012

updated Oronegrean infantry

well this is just a stop gap post, I intend to perhaps re post this with better pictures later, and of coarse with a set up background. However nothing beats a flat plain with the army lined up or in this case grouped up to show off their might! I repainted the Oronegrean infantry form long long ago and have also gone about organising the division and command structures for the Army of Oronegro.
88 soldiers of the national army of Oronegro

the old guys have been repainted to fit in with the new a quick but rewarding process

at the front here are some new and old figs... large group on the left is old figs repainted and on the right are the newer figs... note the M60 bearing troop is not a repainted fig

the two commanders and the Guards/MPs with their blue arms

groups of soldiers are split into Fives and below is a better example

the squad of 40 troops....6x 5 man teams + ant combination of 10 support troops, in this case 3x Javelin armed soldiers 3x stinger armed troops? 3x Saw's and 1x M60! I might alter it to groups of 50  and have the squad of 25 troops combining to form a unit of 50 and 2 units forming a century of 100 troops

the M60 gunner and the repainted SAWs

this confusing set up might just become the basis of Oronegro's armed forces

this is another example of these new Prototype squads with 5x snipers and 5x one shot anti tank rocket launchers

and the 2 commanders of the 2 squads 2 medics and 4 MPs/guards need to be Incorporated.
I hope to get around 100 in the end so I can represent a whole Oronegrean century, it might also help because right now the ratio of troops to commanders is a bit uneven, though training could incorporate leadership skills and tactical training so that perhaps one man per 5 man team can lead that team in combat.... just an idea. and if you have any ideas for the army of Oronegro just let me know

also when I do I'll do a post on the Oronegro blog.... these pics can be bettered for the site


  1. Nice looking force, maybe some NCO's?

    1. yeah I think that is what I need, I did origionally have plans for squads of 20- units of 2 suqads and 10 support including command, medic, etc...

  2. There is nothing like a grand parade to show off the troops. The effect of uniforms in mass is just stunning. You can can see then why onlookers were awed by martial glory.

    About the numbers, well, the more the merrier, I reckon. But remember: the Romans thought 80 was enough for a century... :) After all, why not have two centuries? Then, together with support and ancillary troops, and sundry attachments,u could have (dare I say it...?) ... a legion! Gotta have a legion, man...!


    1. well you have a point but I think that perhaps squads of 45 or 50 would be better as then I can make a true century besides the 80 man century was just a dovelopment from the previous system which had groups of 100 hense the strange system after Giaus Marius refomred the roman army in the 2nd or 1st century B.C.E