Saturday, 22 September 2012

Outdoors game part3 Turns 4-6

With the catastrophe of those turns before behind them the National troops advance hoping to still achieve their goal, it will be hard though and they have lost quite a few men.

Turn4 This turn saw the battle start to go the way of the national troops again, but still the battle was not won and the rebels still showed their strength. losses were very one sided as the national forces went to cover and shot back from well protected areas, the rebels on the other hand were overconfident after their recent success losing many troops, while only causing one national soldier to be injured, and he was luckily to be right next to the medic at the time.
the remains of the 3rd and 4th team, moral fading run to the bunker, the medic and centurion join them.

the 1st and second teams run to the house where James.ep3 is positioned, they are joined by a medic which will prove useful later on

the Rebel attending to his comrade drags him under fire to the bunker, they are joined by another rebel soldier from outside.

the injured rebel recovers and helps to re aim the gun at the house

but with only 2 left the rebel LMGs are still a force to be reckoned with

they have a good line of sight strait to the gun

killing the 2 crew and the LMG in front

the team by the house joins in the fire fight again

taking out rebels at the front of the camp

the emplacement gunners fire in response wounding a soldier by the medic, who immediately attends to him

James.ep3 gives them some lead presents, not the type we all want :-(

the rebel commander is in distress and falls over, the bunker is the last bastion they hold
Turn5 this saw the rebels lose their last foothold outside, and the national forces advance! 2 rebel dead and no casualties to the national forces!

these 2 are the last rebels outside, they are unable to be killed by the LMG's and are unseen from the house

However the first team runs to the fence by the house, they have clear line of sight to the last rebels outside the bunker

the second team moves up in support

while the medic and another soldier attend to the injured soldier, he is shot in the shoulder and they have stopped the bleeding, he'll be good soon.

while the injured soldier from team3 and the other from team 4 come out of hiding and move to cover the soldiers they also open fire on the remaining rebels

who fall to a swarm of bullets from all sides.
Turn6 was the final move, the sound of jets in the distance were heard by all the next turn would see their action but would they be needed??? well no but their very sound scared the rebels to the core

the national forces all charge the bunker!

the shoot at the only resistance they face which is limited

feeling better the injured soldier  is able to walk and along with James.ep3, his friend and the medic watch the final moments of the battle

even the scared men from the trench come to provide cover for what could be a blood bath

there are still 3 rebels ready for a fight and the other run back leaving them to protect them

but the speed of the national attack is too fast catching the 3 unawares, killing them the battle is won!
 the aftermath... well the jets are told to go home, the battle is won, the national forces encircle the entrance to the bunker and the remaining rebels give up. It's been a hard fought battle by both sides.
the situation for the rebels is hopeless, the come out of the bunker and are greeted by a wall of angry dirty and tired soldiers

alert to any suspicious moves these men are not about to let the rebels have one last fight for victory.

but the rebels know that any attempt at a counter attack now is pointless, they give up without a fight.
the results. well it was a good game I must say, hard fought on my part even if I was only fighting myself.
National forces had 11 soldiers out of 20 remaining, with their 2 medics and 2 LMG's and also their centurion and of coarse James.ep3
the rebels had 4 people left and their commander, hard to think that they outnumbered the national forces to begin with.

Well the road is cleared ahead of the campaign in the mountains let us hope that the campaign is slightly less bloody than this battle.


  1. Wasn't that fun?! I miss the time I played like that!


  2. a great game Gowan!
    you have the advantage to know why your are painting and building!

  3. Good to see your work in natural light Gowan.

    Well done

  4. A fine little action: small enough to be manageable, large enough to feel it had a significant bearing upon National events. Your soldiery looked well in daylight conditions (fine day with a bit of sun). Given the predominantly green uniforms I did wonder about mis-recognition of guys, which might have led to 'friendly fire' incidents...

    By the way, in the local club, interest is growing in the 'Force on Force' commercial rule set, which seems to be designed for your kind of set up. They do seem to involve a steep 'learning curve' to become familiar, though.

  5. Great conclusion, now is there a chance of another mission, this time to rescue the rebel general?