Tuesday, 5 January 2016

18th Century Oronegrean infantry

Hello one and all. Today I present to you a substantive post. A really substantive one. The first in quite some time. Here we have a completed Oronegrean unit. 20 men, one officer, one flag bearer, and two musicians. There is also an additional soldier who is a guard for the regular infantry commander.
I seem to have misplaced what I usually use for a background so this will have to do for now.
Oh and later today I'll do a post on the Oronegro blog for these two
The whole lot of them. I am very glad I chose this colour scheme. The dark blue goes well with the yellow and white
close up on the command group. A high ratio of men compared to the unit as a whole but standard for Oronegrean units of the type.

the left flank

the right flank
 Well a bit more on the troops themselves. This is a unit of 20 regular Oronegrean soldiers with a command group of 4. This unit of 20 is one of two that make up a combined Oronegrean Century which also includes one unit of 20 Cazadores and one unit of 16 Grenadiers . This calls for each of the units to be self contained with their own complement of officers.. A combined Century such as the one these men belong to is the smallest strategic unit of the Oronegrean Army able to fight by itself in a number of situations.

Anyway that is all for this post. Hopefully these guys will get their own post on the Oronegro blog soon.

And as always have a good day/night everyone.


  1. They look great! I'm having having increased difficulty in resisting the urge to paint up 1/72 armies... =)

    1. thanks. It is a heard urge to resist. And once you turn to the dark side it will consume you with an over powering urge to buy more and more figures to paint.

  2. Nice looking figures! The paint scheme looks really good!