Sunday, 24 January 2016

A bit of fun - Cat Attack!!!!!!

"Captain large ginger cat on the port side" calls the lookout.
The captain sees the beast and makes a hard turn to starboard. To their horror the crew realise that they have no cannon and the beast has taken an interest in these little people.  The Pirates grab their weapons and anything close to hand. Some grab muskets but the bullets don't seem to bother the huge animal.

One giant fierce beasty that is. Can the pirates scare it off or will they be cat food?
 Realising their peril the Crew grab spears and harpoons to fend of the monster. But fortunately for them the cat is easily distracted and is soon consumed by the fluttering of the sails. The crew organise and prepare to defend the ship...
The Giant cat suddenly focuses on something else
... But just then a giant fish leaps from the sea on the starboard side and the cat leaps clean over the ship and dives after it. The captain and the crew of the Abigail sail away as fast as they can to escape. Once they reach port they go around telling their tail of the great ginger beast. Although many think it is nonsense a few hardened sea farers talk in dark tones about the cat of the feline sea.

just a bit of fun hope you enjoy it. I'm working away at some boats and some Oronegrean artillery crew. so there is more to look forwards to in the coming days.


  1. That was close... There would be no mercy if my THREE got hold of them!

    1. We have three as well fortunately the other two don't seem to be that interested in the little people.

    2. Nice one, Gowan!

  2. Fun! Great post Gowan! And I'm a cat lover!


    1. Don't say that too loud they may believe you'd have to worship them more.