Sunday, 10 January 2016

Boat Building Bonanza

Usually I do not post Work in Progress items on this blog as they have a dedicated spot on my Projects and Crazy Ideas blog. But today I was a bit mad and got into a hull making frenzy. So in addition to El San Francisco (the big one) I am making a few smaller boats. Unlike my ships these are made from two layers thin foamcore (the thickness difference can be seen in El San Francisco compared to the rest). All are in various stages of construction.
Ruler and figure are there to help with scale but all (except San Francisco) are less than 30cm (1 foot) long.
In this little flotilla is a Dhow, a Cutter and an Italian Paranza. El San Francisco is a smaller warship although I am not quite sure of the type as the hull was prepared two years ago so what it was meant to be has been lost to history.
A variety of hull shapes, some sterns are very square. An Additional level of foam will be added to the stern of the Dhow (top left) and cutter (top right).
 These are the more common vessels to grace Oronegro's waters. Small and useful they are the fishing vessels, small trade ships and transports that can be seen at dock in nearly all coastal towns and fishing villages dotted along the coastline. These will be useful in many scenarios giving Oronegro's navy something to protect or maybe even fight should pirates be on the prowl.
A fleet on the move. I have high hopes for these. Now where to store them once complete? oops didn't think about that.
El San Francisco is still undergoing planking with cardboard, structure of the poop deck also needs doing before planking can take place. This is a long and tedious process which is why doing some boats is a nice break from making large ships. It also means that instead of increasing my fleet by 4 ships this year I am easily going to increase it by 9 vessels.

Well that is all for today. Hopefully by the next blog post I may have got one or two of these complete. Maybe also find a place to put all these boats but that is the eternal problem any person involved in this hobby faces :-D

Thanks for reading. And to you all a good day/night.


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    1. Thankyou sir. These shouldn't take too long to complete given their size.