Friday, 24 August 2012

20 questions time

well everyone is doing it so I might as well... I have no idea what the questions are so I'll try and get them right... here we go!

1.Favourite wargame period? Historical? probably Rome, Oronegro is fiction remember folks ;-D
2.Second favourite? modern- but if we are talking non-historical it would be number1!
3.Favourite 5 films? No idea, normally it depends which one I just watched, but the Lord of the Rings movies, Pirates of the Caribbean (except no.3) and matrix would be up there.
4.Favourite TV series? Doctor who? but also depends whats on... I really like British series.
5.(are we only up to number 5 :-( ) Favourite Books and/or Authors. Tolkien!!!! read all the middle earth related books, or at least I have tried! next up not sure, depends what I feel like reading.
6.Greatest general? always arguing with mates about this, so I'll have to go with Julius Caesar!
7.Favourite Wargame Rules? Free ones I can easily alter!!!! so not sure what it is called.
8.Favourite Sport and team? Forular1- Ferrari, we got an Italian exchange student at school and now we can stand up to the red bull and maclaren fans!
9.One-time trip by time machine? wherever and whenever so long as I will not be able to screw up the universe (more than I have already)
10. (yes half way there) Last meal on Death Row? not sure. what about that poisonous fish, it would not matter any way, perhaps I can have the last laugh and prevent them from getting to kill me ;-P b
11.Fantasy relationship? look at how old I am, do you really want me to say? if so I wont or else I might have put a warning up on this blog!
12. If my life were a movie, who would play me? some random off the streets most likely it would not be an interesting movie so why invest with a good actor?
13. Favourite comic superhero? not sure, never really read comics.
14.Favourite Military Quote:
'Don't worry.  They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist---'  Maj-Gen John Sedgwick at Spotsylvania Courthouse, May 1864. I am not the only one who loves this quote!!!! also I heard he got shot in the eye! he obviously thought snails were elephants.
15. Historical destination to visit? Dichburn, when my ancestors received the land after the invasion of 1066!
16. Biggest wargaming regret? not starting really gaming yet :-(
17. Favourite fantasy job? Being a Mythbuster or a leader in Oronegro, hey it does say fantasy.
18 Favourite songs? You can tell that I am messed up when I tell you that I really don't have a favourite song, it depends totally on my mood and where I am. (also look at my profile it says whats wrong with me).
19.Favourite Wargame moment? That first game I did was one of the best and worst wargaming moments I have ever had, even on Solo play it was a totally new experience!
20. The miserable Git question, what upsets you? hmm lots of things, I would have to go with when blogger does not show the comments you make... you make them, I get the email telling me you've made them and they don't show up???? that pisses me off!