Saturday, 11 August 2012

SPETNAZ and an Oronegrean Euro Fighter

well this has got to be the set I have painted the fastest and well IMHO. but I guess that it is up you to decide how well I have painted it. They are armed with AK-740's and dressed in their Urban camouflage (designed for Oronegro). they are well trained and equipped and are ready to bring death to the national forces of this war torn nation. but first something funny
OK now onto my non dancing Russian men
I decided to show them all lined up on the table because there is still not enough room on the street boards for them all
the RPG's ready to take out any tanks or stray helicopters
but if jets need downing this is what you want
men guard the captain who is busy getting information from some scouts
Planning is the key to success!!!!
a view along the front lines
I decided to give many troops some individual features like this balaclava
 The Russians advance towards an unguarded airfield and take a prise one expensive jet!
at least the jet has a burglar alarm
hm seems they are fighting but who, or what is it?
snipers, RPGs and AK-740's a deadly mix of the latest Russian/ soviet kit
they are keen to fight and ready to die but how will they fare in the street fighting to come?
but they must go one and once this plane is secured the next objective must be taken!
well hope you guys like this post, next up some standard Oronegrean soldiers, German security forces, ground crew and then tanks I now have 2 challenger 2 tanks to paint. So still plenty of work to do and I have still got to get the first of the new boards done, work stopped for the Russians to be painted. Sorry for all of you who want to see more work not a lot to report from the last posts on the other blog.

have a nice day guys hope you enjoyed the Olympics! damn I lost the sweep stake in History, Gold medals per population. the German girl who chose Jamaica has beaten us all. Why did I ever choose Britain? stupid patriotism look what you've done now, I've lost a dollar.


  1. Great work Gowan, to really bring out the features on the figures and the uniforms I suggest a brown wash.

    Well done.

  2. Actually I don't think Britain would have been all that bad a bet, considering. Their team has done well this Olympics.

    I do like those SPETNAZ fellows: quite an elegant uniform. You don't overdo the facial features neither, and they come out rather well and give individuality to each figure.

    1. It was gold medals per population so Britain has 60 million people and Jamaca has 2 million so strait away I have problems.

      thanks about the Spetnaz I do try to keep the beards to a minimum or at least make them all individual.

  3. Very good! You are getting better and better!

  4. Great job on the camo! Getting better and faster, a good combination.

  5. I love the figs and your camo paint scheme, Gowan. First class!

  6. love the tiger stripes...nice imagi-nation stuff ya got going!

  7. Thanks guys. I see that you all like the Camo, I thinks that from now on I'll do camo patterns.

  8. Brother J,

    Love the video and love your figs!! I have the same set perhaps one day i will paint them! Fantastic bro!!


  9. Very nice camo paint job! The You Tube clip was cool too!