Sunday, 5 August 2012

something for my sister.

OK guys those of you with little sisters don't need me to tell you on some occasions that they can really be annoying. But we love them anyway and when my little sister came to me and asked me for help on some homework I was more than willing to help. Unfortunately it needed to be in today and I had on;y last night to do it.... what was it, well my sister had to make a little shoe box diorama from her favourite book. And as she had just read the hunger games, she wanted to me to make her a scene.... the only problem was time and because I could not go to a huge length to prime, base coat, first coat, detail and glue on, I was forced to use my robin hood figures that were not primed. I decided to improvise and added PVA whenever I could to make the paint hold. it was then a matter of adding scenery and putting it in the shoe box, my sister had painted the background a week ago! so here we go... I have forgotten the scene. don't tell my sister!
the glue was still very much wet this morning when the photos were taken!

A look inside, can you see the background my sister painted

hope you can make out the figs in this shot

the girl who is the main character runs to the rescue

her Friend or sisters assailant lies shot dead

while a young girl lies pinned by a spear

zoom out and get a better perspective

I like this angle
 well that was the model my sister and I made. I hope you enjoyed this little story. really unusual and wish Abbi luck as apparently these models are going to get judged. and I know I should have primed the figs but time was not on my side, and I was tired as an olympic athlete after a long race.
BTW go to my projects blog to get a good look at the latest work on some new figs... the russians
bye guys and good luck to the Olympic athletes.


  1. Good work Gowan, on all accounts.

  2. I´ve no little sister but I can imagine helping out for her homework is fun. I haven´t seen or read any of the hunger games stuff but i can imagine it would be something like the dio (I´ve heard reviews on the radio)
    The Spetnaz look good.
    PS..add a hyperlinked word into the last pic makes the jump from here to your other blog easier ;-D

    1. thanks paul. oh I followed you're advice there is now a link!

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  3. Great work Gowan, well done.

  4. Of course, the night-before-it's-due scenario is standard form for daughters and younger sisters. So, considering the short notice and inflexible deadline, that is a very fine project indeed - especially the scenery.

    1. thanks man, my sister has just arrived home from school I hope to find out if she won...