Thursday, 23 August 2012

Oronegrean Standard forces

another quick build! This time I have got the non-elite guys to show you. perhaps one of the most important soldiers I have painted yet, these men form the back bone of the National forces and occasionally the Rebel ones too (less common). once again a big THANKS too David and Dobromir for these figs. I have tried another Camouflage pattern which will become standard for my national troops. They are armed with M16A2's produced in the USA, which is odd for Oronegro because the large quantity Oronegrean weapon factories. they are well trained, up to the standard of the great nations themselves. But enough of that on to the pics!
Soldiers run through the streets. the night is torn by the sound of boots on concrete

the road is filled with infantry getting ready to fight for their lives

a car provides a defencive position, and soldiers line up behind

the APC is brought forwards to provide some heavy support

the helicopters spotlight moves to cover the cause of all the commotion

a couple of dancing nutters!!!!! the most dangerous foe any warrior can face!

here is an example of the new camouflage when it is painted well

I did paint him but the others are not up to this standard!
 And now for something more peaceful! the following picture is just the view out of the dinning room window. I took it this afternoon, its nice to see that spring is on the way! oh BTW when I took the dog out for a walk at 6-7pm it was pitch black, I saw lighting (did not hear the thunder) way off in the distance and in the star studded sky I saw 2 satellites, I hope they are not spy satellites because otherwise some government is wasting their time spying on me! or are they? muhahahaha
nice to see signs of spring coming!
hello to my latest follower Thomas from schmock blog , operation market garden and project Mollwitz nice to see a new face... also I hope you've been interested so far in Oronegro all my German followers! Next up on the painting list are some German peace keepers and the final lot of Ground crew, I might make a few conversions on them to get some interesting people.

one final thing... Oronegro maps... on my other blog


  1. Nice looking set of nationals..mind you..gruped up like that they pose an excellent target for the rebels:-D

    1. no need to worry, as shown it was just a couple of nutters. I would imagine any rebel would have run away to hide from them! I would

  2. I really like the camo pattern Gowan!

  3. nice figures, Gowan!
    I like the camo! good painting job!

  4. ood work Gowan, busy as usual!

  5. Very nice camo effect. Your Oronegrin National Army is going to look quite something once it acquires a few vehicles and heavy weapons. Already it looks as though the boys can take care of themselves...

    I'm thinking about your map and how it might be adapted to the sort of thing I've been looking at. But I don't want to hijack (or even look like hijacking) your project. Having said that, it might provide me with the motive for completing the maps of my own Imagi-Nations.

    But instead of 'area movement' why not just go with 'map movement'? Your map is in my view an excellent topographical chart, you can see what the terrain is like (plains, hills and mountain ranges), and if you have a satellite picture of the area, there's your ground cover: forests, farmlands, villages and what not.

    1. thanks, do not worry about hijacking my maps, I decided to cut off Oronegro on 3 areas, this should give you room to set your own maps. I'll try and get a shot of the real area where the map was set from to give you an idea of how you can link the countries... of coarse it is up to you! I might recoment=d that the northern hill range turns into a peninsular as then the coast can swing round and form any shape you would like to give your maps the right feel! hope that helps