Saturday, 25 August 2012

RIP Neil Armstrong

one of the most important men in modern history has gone to join the long list of names of those who have gone before us. First man on the moon Niel Armstrong has died age 82, after some complications following heart surgery. I am sure you'll all get the details on the news but I thought I may as well pay homage.

This man perhaps is the symbol of mans exploration of space, his words are so famous that even if you knew nothing else about the Apollo moon missions you would know those words! "One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind!" we are all in awe of what he did, we've all wanted to do what he did. our dream of space travel perhaps even our love of sci-fi comes from his deeds.

our world is now a different place, we have lost of our greatest men. we enter an age where a new hero must take his place, he was the symbol of our mission to the moon. perhaps someone can take up the torch he has laid down and be the next generation of space explorers.

I think a moments thought is in order, to remember this man

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  1. He was a great man, he did so much for my country and probably the whole world. Love your blog by the way! I love the whole fictional conflict thing too. You've earned yourself another follower!